SNOOKLING™ does not require Diver Certification or bulky equipment, after a brief 15 – 30 minute safety briefing you’re ready to follow our certified tour guides on an exciting underwater adventure!

SEAFARER ADVENTURERS™ SNOOKLING™ provides you with the best subsurface breathing equipment available: BROWNIE ELECTRIC VS UNIT™ surface air breathing system and the OCEAN REEF FULL FACE MASK™ with built in regulator allowing you to breath underwater as you do on the surface!

As simple as our Dive Systems are, a short 15 – 30 minute safety briefing is required for all SNOOKLERS™.  All dives are lead by a certified tour guide, and monitored by another SNOOKLING™ staff member on location.

SEAFARER ADVENTURERS™ is an environmentally responsible organization.  Our mission is to protect the reefs and the overall environment, while educating others and sharing its natural beauty and wonder.  A portion of all sales goes to local and worldwide environmental efforts.

Dives last 45 minutes to one hour, in addition to the 15 – 30 minute introduction briefing.  Educate yourself while you dive by using one of our informative wrist bracelets.  Our knowledgeable dive guides will also help you identify the various marine species you encounter.

SNOOKLING™ is an adventure you will not soon forget!  It’s so easy and enjoyable you’ll want to do it over and over again!


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Seafarer Adventurers is committed to leaving a small carbon footprint and a portion of all sales will be donated to local and world efforts to promote education and conservation of the aquatic environment.