After snorkeling and scuba diving throughout the Caribbean the founder of SEAFARER ADVENTURERS™  decided on Grand Cayman Island for the first location. He is very particular about which areas to consider for SNOOKLING™ locations and developed a Site Evaluation Form and system to assess overall location potential. See partial list below.

Needless to say Grand Cayman exceeds expectations in all areas! Our current boat operates off of 7-Mile beach and the George Town water front area. Our second boat will launch on North Sound later this year for exciting Stingray City tours!



Sample Criteria:

  • What does the country offer visitors with respect to tourism, support structure, natural beauty and resources both on land and under water?
  • Diversity of coral reefs, fish and other animal life. Is the country proactive about conservation?
  • Number of dive options, such as reefs / ship wrecks / natural underwater formations.
  • What are the oceans conditions like? SNOOKLING™ ease of access.
  • What support is available from the country?
  • What types of demand exist and or overall potential customer pool such as cruise ships and resorts?
  • How safe is the country and what safety support systems exist within the country?
  • Is there a labor pool to draw from?

The same detailed evaluation and selection process will be used for all future SNOOKLING™ sites.

Seafarer Adventurers is committed to leaving a small carbon footprint and a portion of all sales will be donated to local and world efforts to promote education and conservation of the aquatic environment.