The founder has a background in education and served as an administrator and educational consultant. Education and conservation are very important to him. When he decided to take his hobby and passion for diving and snorkeling and love of the sea and create a company, he knew he wanted to do it in a way in which he might, “Educate others about environmental conservation via recreation”.

SEAFARER ADVENTURERS™ encourages environmental conservation by incorporating such things as listed below into its program.  SNOOKLERS™ are welcome to partake in these added benefits. A staff member will specifically oversee and be responsible for these efforts.

SNOOKLING Education & Conservation | Seafarer Adventurers


  • All SNOOKLING™ tours are led by PADI certified divers who are also trained with respect to reef and animal ecosystems. Tour guides will point out specific underwater sites of interest through the built-in communication system. All employees are CPR certified with Marine concentration.
  • Photos and videos are available for viewing and purchasing.
  • Informative fish/coral reef charts are available for reference.
  • Specialty dives are available during certain times of the year.
  • Après SNOOKLING™ events to be held at various participating establishments.
  • Special programs for school children to further support education through recreation and conservation efforts.
  • Online newsletter and blog supporting our programs.
  • Summer camp program during the off season also in support of such programs.
  • It is our goal to also to expand our education through recreation to other nearby islands.
  • Special programs at resorts and other venues to inform interested parties about the reefs / fish and animals together with other points of interest, for potential SNOOKLERS™.

These are just a few of the things SEAFARER ADVENTURERS™ hopes to institute in the near future. We will always be reviewing and assessing new things to do. Money from each dive will be set aside to assist in fulfilling these objectives and to support worldwide education and conservation efforts.

Seafarer Adventurers is committed to leaving a small carbon footprint and a portion of all sales will be donated to local and world efforts to promote education and conservation of the aquatic environment.